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I cook clean yell at kids work clean repeat & I AM ALL ABOUT EFFICIENCY

Parenting Philosophy #7 – The Real Costs of Kids

Kids are expensive. Scratch that. Daughters are expensive. True dat. … unless your son asks you to help with his child support. Advertisements

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Parenting Philosophy #6 – Turning Him into a Vegetarian

My son: mmm… I like chicken. Patch: That’s not chicken, it’s duck. My son: mmm… I like duck. Mommy that’s going to mommy hell: That’s Pato.  You are eating Pato. … Continue reading

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Parenting Philosophy #5 – My Son’s Not a Panhandler

Only the mainland chinese would ignore my boy when he says “HI!” to them. Just say Hi back and he will be on his way. Isn’t that common courtesy regardless … Continue reading

June 10, 2013 · 2 Comments

Parenting Philosophy #4 – Not Going to Be the Most Popular Bartender in the Club

I asked my son what his favourite drink is and he’ll say Balloonini. Ask him what’s in a Balloonini and he’ll say Kok Kok. Ask him what’s a kok kok … Continue reading

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Parenting Philosophy #3 – You Break, You Pay

*Little girl comes over to poke my son’s helium balloon with a wand.* Girl’s Dad: You have a balloon here, don’t break the boy’s balloon. *Girl keeps poking at my … Continue reading

February 14, 2013 · 1 Comment

Parenting Philosophy #2 – Potty Training vs My Potty Mouth

Since conventional training doesn’t work, I tell my 2 year old, “If you poo in your diaper, your bum will eat the poo and come out of your mouth.” And … Continue reading

February 3, 2013 · 2 Comments

Parenting Philosophy #1 – Don’t Argue with Baby Logic

Taught my 2 year old some simple vocab of household items, one of them being the clock that hanging on the wall.  Now he’s starting to put words together, not … Continue reading

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Informative Name Labelling

I’m a fan of labels, I even have my own heavy duty and handheld labels.  I label my son’s dresser (mainly for Patch but he doesn’t follow it anyway – … Continue reading

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BC Womens Assessment Room

Since a lot of people did not know there’s a number to the assessment room at BC Womens, well, here it is  – 604 875 3070 Please do not abuse … Continue reading

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