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The Scary, Dirty Secret to Making Fragrant Rice

A lot of friends ask me where I get my rice because it’s fragrant.  What is the brand?  What do I add to it?  Is it the chicken stock (well, I occasionally do that too)? Is it jasmine rice? Is it basmati?  I use all sorts of rice and buy whatever brand is on sale although I usually like Koko Rose rice.

So what is the secret???  Don’t worry, I will share in this post.  Cover your noses…


Dried Salty Fish Head !

The secret is leaving a dried salty fish (haam yue tau) in your rice container.  For those that cannot stand the smell of salty fish, it does not leave your rice smelling like what you would imagine.  The fragrant smell is not pungent like a fish, but rather a slight scent of roasted rice.  I think it just brings out the scent of the rice.

The salted fish itself is already dried so you just need to buy the whole fish and keep the head.   Don’t get fresh fish or you’ll have a container of worms in no time!

I learned this trick from my mom.  She’s been doing this for as long as I was born.  I used to play in the rice container when I was younger, trying to “build” something with the rice and burying my hands in the rice for the cool sensation.  One day I dug up a fish head, freaked out and I never played in the container again.  I thought my mom placed it there to keep me out.  Then I thought she left it there to keep my nieces and nephews out when I was older.   It was just a few years back that I learned the real reason why the fish head was there.


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