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What’s In My Hospital Bag?

I have gotten a lot of advice from my pregnancy class and friends about what to bring to the hospital when I had my first born.  Had I listened to them, I would’ve packed a lot more things that I didn’t need!

Since I was 3 weeks early (referring to my first born, noy my daughter that arrived 3 months early), I did not pack everything in my bag.  The time that I packed was 10 mins before my first trip to BC Womens and told Patch what to packed when I was sent home before heading to the hospital again the next morning.  I packed so lightly that a lot of people did not believe that I could go without the items.  Of course, everyone’s needs are different but this is what I brought.

Underwear – no one likes wearing day old underwear but I didn’t end up using it because BC Womens gave me  super flimsy granny underpants to wear with the bulky pads they provided.  You’re only allowed one because the nurse said they are expensive (they are not) but if you bug them enough, they will give you an extra one.

Laptop – I can’t live without my computer and internet access.  Being away from home for 12 hours, I felt like I was gone on vacation for weeks because labour felt like forever even though everyone said I had a short labour.   I felt like everyone (by everyone, I mean my relatives and friends on facebook) was dying to read about my updates when in fact, no one knew I was in the hospital!  I didn’t end up updating my FB since Patch texted close friends with the news and I used the laptop to read celebrity gossip and watched TV shows.

Camera – reasons too obvious, you’re giving birth!  More important, make sure it’s charged and ready to go!

Swaddling/ receiving blankets – you really don’t need too many, maybe 2 or 3 for support around the head in the carseat when you leave (rolled up blankets).

Mitts – your newborn may have long nails when s/he is born.  My baby had nails enough for a village of viet housewifes and scratched me plenty of times while breastfeeding.

Cap – mostly for covering your baby’s head when you are leaving the hospital and going outside.  When your baby is born, s/he will be covered with a cute little cap (this was not true for my preemie baby, the NICU was really generous with making sure my daughter had what she needs).  Our nurse came in the next day and took the cap away.  BC Hospitals cutbacks!

Nursing Bra – I used a regular bra without the wire and when I breastfed, I just lifted the bra up.  Although the first 2 nights, I didn’t wear one as I was just in the gown.  I’m not a big fan of the clip-on nursing bras because I’m lazy.

Clothes for yourself – I didn’t bring another set of clothes as I wore fresh clean clothes when I checked into the hospital (which they made me change into the gown right away).  Unless you’re a fashionista, it is not necessary to get new clothes for the trip home (assuming you will be heading home directly from the hospital) since the first thing you want to do once you get home is take a good shower (even if you showered at the hospital, it’s just not the same).

Quite honestly, we didn’t have a need for baby clothing.  Our baby was so small that he was swaddled in the hospital towels which we took home.  It was the nurse that bundled him up for us to check out of the hospital so it wasn’t like we stole towels from the room!  However, we took diapers home.

Some would say I’m efficient and some say I’m just darn lazy.


4 comments on “What’s In My Hospital Bag?

  1. Shelli@howsitgoingeh?
    February 27, 2014

    I’ve got my bags packed! I’m trying to get it together to do a post about it next week! Hmmmm, BC Hospital sounds mad stingy…I’m glad I read this post! And I haven’t bought a nursing bra yet, was just going to use a sort of sports bra that’s really stretchy that I have made by Patagonia. Was wondering about the whole clip nursing bra thing!

    • drunk ninja
      February 27, 2014

      honestly, i think regular cotton bras (no wire) and sportsbra works just as well. I am currently using mine from Old Navy, Maidenform (seattle outlet) and Jockey (seattle outlet and Sears here).

      • Shelli@howsitgoingeh?
        February 27, 2014

        Ok, cool! Thanks for that! I was thinking to myself, why deal with the clip + all of that when I could just lift the bra up???

        • drunk ninja
          February 27, 2014

          the clip is to unclip the cup, it takes longer as most brands doesn’t provide a smooth process. Maybe i’m just lazy but lifting the bra up is just faster for me lol

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