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Tasting Beer Without Actually Drinking Beer (plus The Best Tasting Clams Recipe)

Since I am breastfeeding my daughter, it will be awhile before I can freely drink beer and wine.  It was actually quite painful to quit those while I was pregnant along with sashimi but at least I can eat sashimi when I am nursing now. I’ve also been having a craving for clams and have been steaming them either with sake or white wine (another clam recipe here).


I only used the amount in the glass (about half a cup) plus equal part water.  Save the rest of the beer for drinking (for the husband).  I got crap from my friends for using (wasting – in their words) Innis & Gunn.  I wanted a strong oaky beer so I went with that, but any beer works.


Heat the water and beer until boiling then leave the temperature to medium high heat.


Drop clams (one pound – 25 clams in the photo above) in (refer to this recipe on cleaning and getting the clams to spit sand) and steam for around 5 minutes (7 minutes if you have more clams).  It’s more like boiling since I dropped the clams directly into the liquid but because there isn’t a lot of liquid, I rely on the steam and heat to cook the clams. Keep lid on while steaming.


The foam is from the beer so no worries if you’ve cleaned and did the sand spitting process.  You can give it a stir with a wooden spoon to check that they are all open.  Once it is cooked, remove from heat and serve.

I don’t know if it’s the type of beer or just beer in general but this has got to be the best tasting clams I’ve made… BETTER than sake, white wine and garlic & broth.  It’s got a bitter taste but naturally sweetened by the clams.  It’s not as salty as the sake or miso style.  But I told my friends that gave me crap for cooking with Innis that these are the best tasting clams ever made and I guess I redeemed myself! 🙂



One comment on “Tasting Beer Without Actually Drinking Beer (plus The Best Tasting Clams Recipe)

  1. Sam Han
    May 10, 2014

    Happy Mother’s Day Mo! 😀

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