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Snow Pears & Pork Bone(less) Soup

I like making simple soup.  Soups that I can throw together with a few ingredients.  Tonight on the simple soup menu, we have Snow pears and pork bone soup.  Except mine is not pork bones.  Because when you have a super white washed husband, he doesn’t understand that I need pork bones for my soups.  So he got boneless pork shoulder from Safeway.   Oh well, all the same when being boiled for hours, we’ll see if that makes a difference…


Asian pears or Snow pears (suet lay) – you can use as many as you want.  Keep them unpeeled as the skin is a good source of fibre.  Some chinese pharmacies sell dried pear skin.  Wash the pear and cut in quarters, taking out the core.  You can substitute with apples.

  • Figs – I get a pack from costco that I used in my other soups.  If you store them in the fridge, it can last pretty long.  You may lose some flavour after a while, or if you see mold, ditch them.
  • Big dried dates – this provides sweetness in the soup.  In the photo above, the dates look wet and it’s because I washed it.  The dried dates will look like it’s been lightly dusted with icing sugar.  Probably it’s the crystallized sugar because of its high sugar content. I don’t eat the dates when the soup’s done but I tried it and it was still super sweet.
  • Apricot kernels or bitter almonds – I grew up calling these bitter almonds because I used to eat them thinking they were almonds.  But these are apricot kernels.  To prepare them, soak them in hot water, then peel the brown skin off. If the skin doesn’t come off, soak it a bit longer or use a knife to gently scrape it off.


Prepared snow pears and apricot kernels.


Blanche the pork pieces (or bones) so that it’s clear of blood, fat and other floaties.


Replace the boiling dirty water with new water that’s going to be soup. Blanching the meat before makes the soup look a lot cleaner.


Toss everything in and boil for about 15 minutes and then simmer.

I had too much water so I ended up doing ‘open lid’ simmer so that the water will evaporate.  I think it’s because I used boneless so there wasn’t much pork flavour but plenty of pears and sweetness.  So it does make a difference if it’s boneless. The soup was still good though.

This  soup is freezer friendly.


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