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The Hubs Edition #11- Amazing Race

Patch and I can work together on most things, ok, just one thing – putting together IKEA furniture.  I read the manual and he puts it together. Actually, one time I wasn’t there to pick up a shoe rack with him and he ended up getting the opposite colour of my preference of white.  A black one.  Which now sits in the dark hallway of our place that resembles the Slender Man when I walk by at night without glasses. I guess I wouldn’t call that working together…

But there’s one thing that we absolutely cannot team up on – Amazing Race.  If we were a husband-wife team, by the end of the race (if we finish it), we’ll be ex-spouses.  Or only one of us returns and the only one that knows where the other is buried.  He’s academically smart.  I’m street smart.  He’s too trusting. I question the hell out of everything.  He does. I think.

You would think that these traits would go hand-in-hand but they don’t. We’re both survivors on our own but this is why we end up killing each other before we get to the finish line

  1. I don’t have a problem asking for directions.  He does.
  2. I have a hearing problem.  He has a listening problem.
  3. He doesn’t tell me when he’s upset.
  4. It’s a higher priority for me to figure out why he’s upset than finding the next checkpoint.

So obviously, we can’t do amazing race, or we can, just for entertainment purposes and not for victory. Har!

If you are Canadian and is interested, here’s the application.  Good luck!


2 comments on “The Hubs Edition #11- Amazing Race

  1. carrotoh
    December 31, 2013

    I like your humor!!

    • drunk ninja
      January 2, 2014

      thank my husband to give me material to be funny ar!

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