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Pork Bung Midnight Snack

In a previous post, I introduced pork bung.  As a artery clogging, highway to cholesterol food, it still manages to make its way to my tummy on a regular basis. It’s usually served as a midnight snack with congee at restaurants.  But I like to make my own.  Pork bung is also commonly used in hot pots (broth fondue) so I just cut, clean boil and serve.

When you buy bung, it’s usually cleaned, bleached (like a bleached anus, heh) and uncut intestines. The easiest way to cut them is with a pair of scissors.  You cut them nice and thin like calamari,  even though they shrink a lot, it is very chewy.



It’s very easy to turn the bung inside out and you will see the fatty deposits in the intestine, you can pick out the thicker fatty parts. It doesn’t really matter because you’re actually eating rectum… ass.



Flip the bung back and run running water through the intestine.


You may be very tempted to do this as you’re washing the bung!


Boil for about 15 minutes, discard the smelly water and toss in light soy sauce.


Becareful not to eat too many of these.  Every time I eat about 30 of these (rings, not 30 intestines!), I end up feeling guilty (and sick) and imagine how my intestines are lined with crap.  So yea, it’s okay to eat these once in awhile if you want to be around to watch your kids graduate!

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