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Quick Desserts: Peach and Strawberry Sorbet

Since I’ve had my ice cream maker, I’ve been trying a lot of recipes and it’s never too cold for frosty desserts.  Making sorbet is one of them as it is easy, quick and very refreshing.  It’s also a way to get my family to eat more fruits.  We’ve picked up some fresh fruits in the Okanagan and want to make use of the peaches and strawberries before it goes bad (which unfortunately, most fruits do in our household).  I sure miss eating strawberries that are small, flavourful and red all around.  That’s what real strawberries should be!


  • 2 or 3 whole peaches, peeled
  • a handful of strawberries, organic works best as the super big ones that are hollow and white inside are tasteless
  • 2 tablespoons each of: brown sugar, orange juice and ice wine (optional, but it helps prevent the sorbet from turning into an iceblock)

Toss everything into your magic bullet/blender/food processor until all mushed.

Put mixture in the ice cream maker for 20 minutes.  Leave in freezer for 15 minutes before serving.


8 comments on “Quick Desserts: Peach and Strawberry Sorbet

  1. Shelli@howsitgoingeh?
    November 5, 2013

    Yum! My husband found an industrial ice cream maker at a thrift store that is like brand new + weighs about 1,000 pounds. I’ve been to hesitant to try it out + last night I was looking at a ice cream recipe book I have. So funny to see this post today! Inspired!

    • drunk ninja
      November 6, 2013

      holy cow, you gotta post about your industrial ice cream maker. I gotta seeeeee! So excited for you, it’s like i found free porn! no, wait,, whaaa…?

  2. Sam Han
    November 9, 2013

    I prefer sorbet to ice cream any time even tho i like both. your recipe sounds simple enough and the last pic is something that definitely suit my tastebuds 😀

    • drunk ninja
      November 13, 2013

      the ice wine makes a difference!

      • Sam Han
        November 13, 2013

        I think so too and i love ice wine although they can be very sweet. my gf from missassauga gave me some when she visited last time. niceeeeeeeeeee! :d

        • drunk ninja
          November 13, 2013

          you may like riesling then, it’s sweet but not too sweet like icewine

          • Sam Han
            November 13, 2013

            i love german riesling 😀

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