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Steamed Black Cod (Sablefish) with Black Bean Sauce

Black cod is one of my favourite fish because it’s oily and high content of Omega 3 which I feel that someone my age should have plenty of (but not really know why!).  Not really a fan of flaky dry fish. But usually they are sold out in supermarkets and they are pricy.  You can get the fish steaks or a whole fresh fish.  I managed to get half a cod and had a fresh slice while freezing the rest.  I only know of 2 ways to make cod – steamed with black bean sauce and baked with mayo dip.   I decided to go the chinese route and make it with black bean sauce.


Black bean sauce usually comes in a jar.  One of the more common brand is Lee Kum Kee.  I find that over the years LKK is aimed to cater towards white folks, in other words, the more pungent sauces like fermented bean curd or black bean, they’ve toned down the flavours so that it’s not as pungent and it tastes a bit watered down.

The first jar is from a supermarket.  It’s black bean with chili oil.  The black beans are whole so you may want to crush it a bit.  The second jar was homemade from a relative.  It’s just dried crushed black beans.  I mixed 3 tablespoon of the chili oil black bean with 1 tablespoon of the crushed beans.  Then I added one tablespoon of sesame oil and sugar to taste (it was 1 tablespoon).  If you don’t want it too oily, you can mix in some water but if your cod is frozen, then skip the water.  You have to use sugar whenever you cook with black bean sauce.  Mix together.

Pat the cod steaks dry and slather the mixture all over it.  Do not add salt as the black bean sauce is salty enough.   Top with black pepper.

You can use a pot / rice cooker steamer to steam but I used a wok to do it so that it’s steamed more evenly and quicker.  This is the set up.  Place plate on the holder and steam for 7 minutes – 8 minutes.  The sauce will comes from the fish (natural oils), water (if it was partially frozen) and the black beans.  It goes really good with plain rice!

Mom’s words: Don’t eat black beans if you are nursing or your milk supply will decrease.


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