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Simple Soups: Pig’s Heart with Turnip and Carrot

I’ve always preferred making Chinese soups over western soups.  All soups are delicious but there is something about Chinese soups that I prefer. Most of the soups are clear broth and from the hours of simmering, usually packed with nutrients in every spoonful.

The pig’s heart soup is one of my go-to soups when i have guests coming over and I don’t have a lot of time to prepare. Ingredients are minimal and everyone can enjoy it especially those (like my husband) who does not like the herby medicinal looking stuff that’s usually in Chinese soups.


  • 2 fat carrots (the thin ones are fine)
  • 1 green turnip
  • 1 pig’s heart
  • salt to taste

Spread the pig’s heart out and slice off the fatty parts, veins and blood chunks.  Give it a good wash and rub under cold water.  Place in a pot of hot water (enough to cover the heart entirely).

When you blanch the heart,this is part of the cleaning process to eliminate the dirt and fat and help keep your soup clear.  You will notice that there will be a layer of brown/white foam on top of the water which is what you don’t want in the soup.  Blanch for a good 5-10 minutes and rinse the heart under cold water again.  Cut into slices (about 2 cm thick) and it should have the seared ahi tuna effect (raw and red inside but the outside looks cooked).

Peel and cut the carrots into nice big (still bite size chunks – about 2 inches thick) pieces.  Since you will be simmering the soup for at least an hour, small pieces are not recommended as they will lose flavour and get soggy.

Toss in the heart slices, cut carrots and turnip into boiling water and boil at high heat for 20 minutes.  Then simmer for as long as you want until it’s ready. I usually add about 2 litres of water for the amount of ingredients above but I end up boiling longer to get more intense flavour and sweetness.

You can just eat the pig’s heart but I like to eat it separately, dipping into soy sauce with sesame oil and chopped green onions.


3 comments on “Simple Soups: Pig’s Heart with Turnip and Carrot

  1. Sam Han
    August 6, 2013

    I’m surprise with all the organs you can get in Canada. It was very hard for me to buy even a pig’s liver in Melbourne. Now in Singapore, almost everything is available but I dont cook here (or at least very very seldom) 😦

    • drunk ninja
      August 6, 2013

      You can buy all the parts to build a pig, cow, chicken here in the major cities in Canada (Toronto, Vancouver, etc). It’s also very cheap because only asians eat that crap! My favourite things to buy in chinese supermarkets are pig’s blood, chicken hearts and kidneys.

      • Sam Han
        August 6, 2013

        I love chicken hearts especially in a churrascaria. Pig’s, chicken or any blood is no longer available in Sg for years. We can only eat them overseas. Good to see you posting again 😀

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