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Parenting Philosophy #5 – My Son’s Not a Panhandler

Only the mainland chinese would ignore my boy when he says “HI!” to them. Just say Hi back and he will be on his way. Isn’t that common courtesy regardless of age?  It’s like they think he will ask for spare change or something if they make eye contact. Unluckily for them, my boy is very persistent and will say Hi until he gets a response, getting louder each time. Blame that on the characteristics of a two year old.  But luckily for chinese that pretended that he’s not there, the friendly filipinos at the other table said hi and waved back and he was happy and moved along. And yes, one could say that I should pull my son away for talking to strangers, but I don’t know why I didn’t maybe I’m just an a-hole. But should I even? He’s just saying Hi.

Not that i want to make this a race issue, but he’s never had a problem “chatting” with non-mainland chinese. We walk into Whole Foods, and he comes out with a fan club. We eat in a chinese restaurant and he’s treated like a hobo that walks into a restaurant with the “I’m faking mute give me money buy my flowers” card.  Why are they so suspicious and protective with stranger babies? He couldn’t be that sketchy looking with a panda hat on…


2 comments on “Parenting Philosophy #5 – My Son’s Not a Panhandler

  1. hurricanediana
    June 10, 2013

    I’m gonna say this at the risk of sounding racist but I freaking love Filipino moms! Extremely friendly and so sweet. Chinese people on the other day? And not just Mainlanders but Cantonese as well. Ugh. I want to strangle all you f’ing rude ass betches. There should be a politeness standards requirement for immigrating to Canada. UGH!!! I hate Chinese people!!! Of course I’m Chinese.

    • drunk ninja
      June 11, 2013

      I totally agree, Filipinos tend to be a lot more social (and in some cases, more generous) than Chinese. Chinese are very defensive and cautious when approach by strangers, even friendly looking babies lol

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