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Super Shrimp Cakes

I kinda made up this recipe on a whim.  I was craving for shrimp dumplings but didn’t want to just steam shrimp (I didn’t have any wrappers anyway).  I had a box of frozen shrimps waiting to be cooked.  I don’t cook shrimps often as Patch doesn’t like it and I don’t like it when it’s overcooked and tough.  But I always have a box of frozen shrimps in my freezer.  Go figure.  

I find that cooked shrimps itself (except fresh spotted prawns or sweet shrimps aka ebi) are rubbery and tasteless.  I don’t understand why when I’m at a buffet, people load up on the shrimps, but usually complain that it’s tasteless.  Perhaps people see these bottom feeders as a pricey ingredient? At least that’s how my old traditional chinese relatives are like, they tend to focus more on the value of their food rather than the taste. But I like to eat things that are well-seasoned and shrimps can easily shrimp its way back into my palette with the right seasoning. 🙂


  • shrimps – to make a good size shrimp paste, use about 20-30 medium size shrimps
  • green onions
  • cilantro
  • corn
  • one egg white
  • salt
  • hot sauce (I used Frank’s)
  • panko bread crumbs

You can defrost the shrimps the proper way or you can soak them in hot water to defrost and clean it.  All the gunky stuff will float to the top.  Peel and de-vein the shrimp if needed.  Pat the shrimps dry with a paper towel.  Chop the shrimp in small pieces and then dice them with a knife or a meat tenderizer.

Add salt, white pepper, corn, egg white, cilantro, green onions, dijon mustard, hot sauce to the shrimp paste and mix together.  You can adjust the amount of ingredients as long as the shrimp paste is still 50% of the mixture.   I personally like the taste and texture of the egg white so I used one whole one for this mixture, but one egg white goes a long way so if you make a bigger batch, you can still stick with one egg white.

Make a patty from the mixture of about 2 or 3 inches.  I kept mine thin so that there’s less cooking time.  Cover the cake with panko flakes.

Note: After cooking – I realized that I should’ve added more salt to the mixture as it wasn’t salty enough,  and it would seem tastier if I added the dry seasoning to the panko mix instead.

Pan fry the shrimp cakes in olive oil.  Should take around 3 minutes per side, occasionally pressing down.

You can serve with a dipping sauce like mayo mixed with hot sauce.


6 comments on “Super Shrimp Cakes

  1. Shelli@How'sitgoingeh?
    March 13, 2013

    Yummy yummy yum!!!!!! I’m hungry now!

  2. Anthony Moore
    March 14, 2013

    Mouth. Watering.

  3. thehungrymum
    March 19, 2013

    these look incredible. Great recipe 🙂

  4. Looks like a really good recipe 🙂

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