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Homemade Calamari Pasta

Calamari is not hard to make, there’s no secret to get the rings.  If you buy the squid as a whole and cut across, it will become rings! It is also not hard to find, you can find them in asian supermarkets (T&T, H-mart) and seafood stores.  This is a quick dish that uses the basic ingredients and it’s plain and simple.


  • whole squid
  • 200g of spaghetti (I use Dreamfields for lower carbs)
  • a strip of bacon (for flavour and fat)
  • a bulb of garlic
  • capers
  • green onion
  • seasoning salt
  • black pepper
  • 1 – 2 cups of white wine (or chicken stock)
  • unsalt butter

When you buy the squid, make sure the ink sack is removed (it’s uncommon that it would still be there) and the plastic-like piece is removed near the pointy end butt of the squid.

Marinate the squid with seasoning salt and black pepper.  Be generous with the salt as the pasta will rely on the squid for flavour.  Cut across the squid in about 1cm thick. Chop up the bulb of garlic (more or less) and bacon.

Melt butter in medium heat in a pot.  I used a pot instead of a pan because I will add pasta to it as the last step without having the pasta spill out as I stir everything.  Then add bacon and garlic.  Then the squid, do not overcook the squid or it will taste rubbery.  If you are not sure, better to undercook (ppl survived eating squid sashimi!).   I added about 1-2 cups of white wine to even out the saltiness of the butter.

Add the cooked pasta to the pot and stir (cook the pasta separately), coating the pasta with butter, bacon fat and wine.  Add more wine (or chicken stock) if needed.  You can definitely add more to the recipe such as mushrooms, corn, and other vegetables.  You want to keep this simple without the use of pasta sauce.  Serve in a bowl (easier to contain the sauce)!


2 comments on “Homemade Calamari Pasta

  1. thehungrymum
    March 8, 2013

    I love calamari. This looks delish.

    • drunk ninja
      March 9, 2013

      thank you! (it is delish although you usually need to season calamari a bit)

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