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Uncommon Annoying People on Facebook

There are many common facebook annoyances that have been listed before (people who post constantly or reveal too much information, etc) but I would like to add a few more to those lists that I haven’t seen before.  Maybe those authors are lucky enough to not have them as their friends or friends of friends.

The Fear Mongering Leader

I only have one facebook friend that is a fear mongerer, however, she goes overtime with her links on how we are being poisoned by fruits and vegetables that are not organic, how the government is out to get us, conspiracies and other myths that can easily be found on snopes.  She’s otherwise quite charming which is also why she has a loyal group of facebook friends that buys into her paranoia.

The One That HAS to Know

I have a couple of these on my friends list and a few of them are actually wonderful people in real life.  But they are also the ones that has to know where you got the bag, where the picture was taken, or most annoying is asking for the recipe of the food that you posted.  Just try to enjoy the photo, no need to know all the little details around it.  When you have more than one that has to know on your friends list, it can lead to a competition between them to be the first to guess what was in your meal.

The One Upper

It’s the one that has to one up you on everything.  I don’t have these as friends but I noticed that when my friends post that they are on holidays, these one uppers will comment that they have a longer break, or they got a better deal, or had a better day.  Basically, they are better than anyone else including your friend. Not really the type of people you want in real life or cyber life!

The Facebook Downer

We all have these on our friends list.  You can post a happy event and they will comment to question the validity of it.  If they can’t bring you down, they can become the One Upper.

The Conversationist

Friends that starts a private conversation with you on your wall, or off your status updates.  Basically, anything that warrants a private message ends up on your wall from this friend.   On occasion, I’ve had a few friends who posted on my wall looking for me.  What happened to picking up the phone and calling me?!?!

The Foodie Wannabee

They post food photos of everything that they consume which normally isn’t a problem with me but when photos are posted of food we eat regularly like tea (it’s not like the tea was laced with gold), pastries, rice, noodles.  Adding another level of annoyance is when they state that whatever they eat is the best ever in the city.  Sometimes it’s just a pile of crap, but it’s the best crap they’ve ever had.  You love food and you can eat a lot.  All the time.  Yes, we get it.

What other types of Facebook people annoy you?



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