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Pork Floss on a Bed of Tofu

Jars of pork floss is a common chinese new year’s gift item (along with fruits) when you visit homes after new year’s.  I like receiving this more than recycled boxes of chocolates people get from Christmas.  One jar of pork floss lasts for awhile.

I grew up eating floss (there’s also fish floss which is commonly used in congees) on congee which was the only way I would eat congee.  As I got older and made some Taiwanese friends in university, I learned more ways to eat floss – sprinkling it on thick bread with condensed milk and topping a cold tofu dish which is what this recipe is, except I cook the tofu so that it’s hot.


  • Tofu (tubes make it easier to cut but the Taiwanese version uses cold tofu blocks)
  • pork floss
  • sesame oil
  • green onions and/or cilantro


Here is a new stainless steel pan that I got for Patch for his birthday.  This will be the first dish I will make on it…! Yes, I know it’s his birthday gift but I’m using it because he’s the one that cleans/repairs all the damaged pots caused by me.  Apparently, this is indestructible!



I prefer using the tube tofus because it’s easier to cut (I cut it through the plastic wrapping) and I like the round shapes.  The authentic Taiwanese recipe uses cold tofu but I like pan frying mine first to get the soy glaze on.

Add cooking oil, and pan fry each side for about a minute each, drizzling some soy on top.  It is okay if the inside is still cool. You can’t really undercook tofu…



Plate the cooked tofu on a plate and load it with pork floss, sesame oil and chopped green onions and cilantro.



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