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The Hubs Edition #1 – Customs Faux Pas

While Patch is highly educated and very informed on current events, he also always make time for me and the boy.  However, with anything else, he feels like it’s not worth his time, even if it takes only a minute.  He woke up at 7am to get ready to go pick up packages from across the border, I asked him if he had printed out all the invoices.  There was one missing one which was my item and also the highest cost item.  I said I’ll print it out for him and he said ‘Don’t worry, it’s okay.’ 

After he left, common sense nagged me that the customs won’t let him through without invoices so I emailed the invoice to him.  An hour later, he called from the customs office to ask how much the item was and I ended up taking a photo of the invoice to him because his phone sucked and couldn’t open PDF files!

He ended up getting taxed big time.  And he, we, us, both deserve it.  But I can’t help but seeth over the fact that I should’ve been pushier to make him wait while I print out the receipt.  The reason why this wasn’t done the night before was that we both fell asleep early as we were putting the boy to bed.  Anyway, I’ll stop fishing from my barrel of excuses.

As smart as he is with work and other things, my common sense always trumps him!


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