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Japanese Cucumber Salad

I’m always craving for something cold and crunchy as snack.  One of my Taiwanese friend’s mom used to make this all the time and I realized how easy it is.  It’s marinaded with raw garlic so you may not want to bring this to work!


  • 4 Japanese cucumbers
  • 5 cloves of garlic
  • half a cup of white vinegar
  • half a cup of sugar (more or less depending how tangy you want)
  • 1 tablespoon soy sauce.

Cut the cucumbers into 2 inch segments and then half and place them down like this.  Using your side of your butcher/chef’s knife, smash the cucumbers flat.  Japanese cucumbers have less water contents than english cucumber so you do not need to let it sit with salt to draw the liquid out. Smash the cloves of garlic as well.

It’s okay if it breaks apart. Add a half a cup of white vinegar, and add enough sugar (usually when I pickle my radish in vinegar/sugar, I use a ratio of 1:1) so that the vinegar doesn’t burn your mouth.  Then add a dash of soy sauce for salt and a bit of colour.  You shouldn’t be able to taste the soy sauce in the mix or else you added to much.  Let soak over night and it’s ready to eat.  If you are brave, you can eat the garlic too.  The cucumbers may a great appy as it really opens your palate and appetite.


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