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Asstastic Bacon Assplosion

Bacon Assplosion is referring to the Bacon Explosion recipe that Patch made for a potluck a few years back.  Our old bodies can’t handle the shock anymore but we still talk about it as if we ate it this morning. Of course, this new title has a typical Patch twist to it.  This is one recipe that he followed to a tee because when it comes to bacon, he cannot risk screwing up. 

This is a dish that you can make for someone you truly love who truly loves bacon or someone you truly hate for the obvious reasons.


  • 2 packs of thick cut bacon (original recipe calls for 2 pounds)
  • 2 pounds of italian sausage
  • BBQ sauce
  • Seasoning salt
  • Arteries that doesn’t want to live anymore

Create a tight square weave with raw bacon as long as the bacon strip.  So pretty!

Sprinkle the seasoning salt on the bacon.  Don’t overdo the seasoning, you don’t want your kidney to stop functioning before you eat it. Salt it according to whether the bacon and sausage are salty on their own.

Spread the love evenly all over the seasoned bacon weave. In this case, Italian sausage is love.

Bake some bacon strips until crisp. Break into small pieces and layer on top of the sausage. Why add cooked bacon? Bacon is not bacon without more bacon on bacon.

Crispy bacon needs some seasoning love of its own. Release the seasoning!  You can drizzle some BBQ sauce as this will give the inside more flavour but it’s up to you.  Patch is saving the BBQ sauce for the outer layer.

Make sure the sausage is spread evening and that edges and corners are covered evenly before rolling the sausage.

This is the part where it requires you to concentrate and roll the sausage up. ROLL, don’t mould it into a log. The Bacon gods will not be impressed if you cheat.

Brush on your favourite BBQ sauce all over the bacon log. Resist licking your fingers or the assplosion comes sooner than expected.

Bake it for about an hour (do the toothpick test or use a meat thermo) at 325C in the oven, when the sausage is cooked, it’s ready to slice and serve.

Once you have the basic steps down pat, you can do different variations with the sausage filling by adding different seasonings or chopped onions or celery.  But Patch asks why ruin a masterpiece with silly vegetables.

Patch says ‘It’s so pretty I could eat it all day.’  That’s as romantic as he can get.


4 comments on “Asstastic Bacon Assplosion

  1. Shelli@How'sitgoingeh?
    February 17, 2013

    This is a crazy smoked meat Frankenstein creation!!!! Genius!!!

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