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Parenting Philosophy #3 – You Break, You Pay

*Little girl comes over to poke my son’s helium balloon with a wand.*
Girl’s Dad: You have a balloon here, don’t break the boy’s balloon.
*Girl keeps poking at my son’s balloon.*
Me to Girl: That’s okay, if you pop it, I will take your balloon from your dad.
*Glares from Patch and the girl’s dad.*


Hey, welcome to the real world.  That’s what. Whether she’s 4 or 40, she needs to learn that there are consequences to her actions. Her dad gave her a fair warning, letting her know what would’ve happened if she continued poking at my son’s balloon.  It will pop.  And he will cry. And the dad and girl will most likely walk off.

But… she still chose to try popping my son’s balloon. So I let her know what would happen next if she continued to do it.  You don’t go around popping other kids’ balloons, just like you don’t go up to a random stranger and break their stuff.  And that actually stopped her.  So it’s not like she’s stupid or too young to understand, it’s just that she will stop if she know what she has to lose. Sure, it’s not my job to discipline someone else’s child but I would rather prevent an unpleasant situation than wait for the expected to happen and then deal with it.

I’m no perfect parent, but if I saw my 4 year old trying to pop another baby’s balloon, I would go and pull him away and not give some half ass warning.  🙂


One comment on “Parenting Philosophy #3 – You Break, You Pay

  1. russianmartini
    February 18, 2013

    Unfortunately, sometimes you find yourself disciplining other people’s children, but somebody’s gotta do it! 😉

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