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Sweetening a Simple Stir Fry

I love heading South across the border to Trader Joe’s.  They sell many ethnic which are not expensive to try.  Which is good, because many of the items I end up buying once.  I usually go and stock up on stock, butter (dairy products in the states are so much cheaper than in Canada), pasta and sauces, bake mixes and a variety of snacks.

One of the items I usually stock up on is the Apple Honey Butter.  I’m not really sure what’s the proper use for this as it’s oily and sticky and seems too runny to be a spread.  But it’s sweet and delicious.  I used it last summer as a glaze on fishballs and onions before throwing it on the BBQ and discovered that the honey butter goes REALLY well with onions as it masks the spicyness and the raw onion taste.

Stir frys are an easy way to combine all the leftover vegetables you have in the fridge and the honey butter gives a nice break from the usual salt and pepper, soy sauce and other common sauces.

Do up a stir fry as you would normally do but before you cook it in the pan, mix a spoonful or two of the honey butter with the vegetables to give it an even glaze.  You can cut down on oil on the pan as the glaze has butter.

Goes really well with – cooking onions, fishballs, mushrooms.  For this dish, I used frozen peas, fishballs, fish tofu, celery, and onions.





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