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New to the Low Carb Scene

I’ve decided to make some healthy adjustments to my daily diet.  One of them is cutting back carbs.  Diabetes run in my family so I figured this would be something that I should monitor.  I must admit that I have 2 bad traits that does not help me with this – lazyness and no self control.  If I crave a food, I will eat it and feel the guilt later.   I want to feel healthier, have a cleaner system and perhaps trim down a bit.  Who am I kidding, I am doing this for vanity purpose.

There’s a one stop low carb store that opened up in my area recently so I paid a visit over the weekend.  I bought some shakes and bars for work but here are some things that I’ll be adjusting to my diet and cooking.  I have to say that maintaining a low carb diet is not cheap.  I guess you can’t put a price to healthy living.  Since it’s not a strict low carb diet, you’ll still be seeing carb-ish recipes. 😛

shirakiku White NoodlesReplacing pasta with shirataki noodles – this is easy and tough at the same time.  It’s easy because I’ve had and gotten used to shirataki noodles.  We used to buy them for hot pot but stopped eating it because it was tasteless (without realizing its health benefits).  Hard because I love pasta especially macaroni and spaghetti. Since I love making soup, I will be adding this to my soups (please check out my super simple chinese soup recipe) instead of pasta.  Not sure if the boy would like this though, he’s kinda picky about the texture of his foods.


Ok, I lied.   I can’t give up pasta.  I realized that I can still have pasta but I guess moderation is key.  I’ve started using Dreamfields when my doctor said I am at high risk of being diabetic and since switching to this brand, I haven’t gone back to other brands that I grew up with.  This is because this brand tastes very similar to the other major pasta brands without tasting “healthy”.  I’ve fed it to guests and no one has ever mentioned that it tastes different.

I’m lucky that I still have the flexibility to cheat but being mindful about my eating habits will prolong the period that I can cheat.

If you have any tips and ideas, please let me know.


3 comments on “New to the Low Carb Scene

  1. bondingtool
    February 4, 2013

    Have you tried zucchini pasta? they are zucchini strands actually. my daughter and her friends liked it very much especially on days when they do “raw” food diets. Cheers to your good health!

    • drunk ninja
      February 5, 2013

      No i haven’t, do you just hand slice them? What do you marinade or cook them with, the only thing I know how to make is pan fried zucchini with balsamic vinegar.

      • bondingtool
        February 5, 2013

        My daughter eats the zucchini raw but you can quick blanch them. Eat with any sauce you like. Have a look at this youtube for the spirooli that can turn the zucchini into pasta of different thickness. If you don’t want to invest in that, use a mandoline/shredder. here’s the link

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