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How to Clean and Prepare Pig’s Kidneys

Pig’s kidneys are not a popular ingredient with many people as it smells pungent like pee.  Proper cleaning minimizes the smell of urine in a dish.  I actually don’t find it that hard to prepare, maybe time consuming but it’s easy.



These are whole kidneys.  Kidneys can bought whole (like above) or partially prepared by having the white stuff in the middle removed.  The white stuff is where the pungent urine smell comes from.  I made the mistake of buying it whole unprepared.  No wonder it was $2 for 3 kidneys!


I used a filet knife to get all the white stuff out – your hands from smell unpleasant after this (luckily, it comes off with soap and light scrubbing).  If you can pick out all the white stuff, your kidneys won’t smell at all.



Once it’s clean and clear of the white stuff, slice the kidneys across into however thickness you want.  Lightly score criss cross on the outer smooth side of the kidney for easy cooking.  It also helps make the kidney strips curl up which probably helps the visual appeal of the dish since kidney itself doesn’t sound too appealing.


Soak the kidneys in cold salty water to clean it and get rid of dirt, blood and white stuff residue. Sit for 30 minutes and change water.  This is the time consuming part, you change water until it is clear.



Your kidneys are ready for cooking.  You can boil in soup (next recipe), stir fried or blanche and dipped inhot oil, soy sauce and green onion ginger slice dip.


5 comments on “How to Clean and Prepare Pig’s Kidneys

  1. bondingtool
    February 3, 2013

    Hi Mo, I just blogged about “Kitchen Inn” an Asian cafe selling kolo mee in Melbourne that their special soup which contains liver and kidneys stink up everything. Now I know why some kidneys are pleasant tasting while others are yucky.

    I used to do confinement cooking for my sister and my youngest aunt but never dare ventured with kidneys because of the pee smell. Thanks for the really useful information. When my daughters get married, I will definitely add this in the menu. The Taiwanese said eating lots of kidneys during confinement will quickly reshape the waistline of the mother, I wonder…

    Btw, your last two photos still have some white looking stuff, are those part of the whitish stuff that needs to be removed after soaking?

    • drunk ninja
      February 3, 2013

      Yes, they are. I got lazy 😛 If you can buy kidneys with the white stuff removed, I highly recommend doing that, not worth to save the few dollars! Cleaning was work I’d rather not do again!

      I’m not sure whether that’s true about the waistline but then i’m not taiwanese, taiwanese girls tend to have more slender shapes haha. I grew up hearing chinese wive’s tales that what you eat (or whatever the shape it looks like) is good for the equivalent human part. Ie. walnuts are good for brains, liver is good for liver, and eating tiger penis is good for….

  2. bondingtool
    February 3, 2013

    “yi xing bu xing” – we also believe in that philosophy which makes me think what will happen whenever i cook pig’s brain omelet and chicken feet soup 🙂

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  4. Beerboy
    June 7, 2014

    I remove the white stuff with scissors. It is much easier than with a knife. I am having them fried today here in Thailand. Delicious!!

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