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What is Pork Bung?

What is pork bung?  Believe it or not, bung is the nicer term for pig rectum.  It’s a large intestine, part of parts where you do not want to eat in a pig.  But I am Chinese and it is damn good.  Since most of you would never put this piece of shit (literally) in your mouth, I will describe what you are missing!


It smells like urine when it’s fresh which isn’t surprising since it is the intestine and that’s where crap goes through.  But most supermarkets will have it cleaned, bleached and prepared.  It usually comes in a tube, uncut.  Before preparation, you cut across so that it’s like little rings, like calamari.  Unless you have a sharp knife, I use a pair of scissors to cut it.   It’s slippery but not slimy (if the supermarket cleaned it well) but it does have a pungent urine smell like kidneys (which is also delicious).

You can boil it or deep fry it.  Deep fried bung is common as a chinese late night snack served with a sweet chili sauce.  I tried deep frying and it turned out delicious, however, my house smelled like a stale public bathroom for weeks so never again. I boil it a la hot pot style.  You boil it for a good 10 minutes.  The skin/casing will shrink and won’t smell as much and when you bite down, it’s all fatty lining.  Horrible horrible for your health I’m sure so it’s not something I would eat on a regular basis.  Oh who am I kidding, my arteries are probably clogged because of bung. Anyway, it goes well with soy sauce and if it’s undercooked, it can be a bit chewy.



What else can you do with pork bung?  THIS



3 comments on “What is Pork Bung?

  1. bondingtool
    February 3, 2013

    I love this too but didn’t know it’s called Pig’s Bung – deep-fried in my porridge , jue chap chook and also this is a must whenever I eat kway chap 🙂

  2. russianmartini
    February 19, 2013

    I find that a house where a lot of home-cooking is done, will always smell like something or other. Fishy, garlicky, etc. I know mine does. I find lot of Americans to be offended if a house smells like anything other than tropical flowers and candles, whereas a lot of immigrant/foreign families cook at home almost all the time, and smell like food – I know my house does, and I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂 Thanks for following!

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