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A Weekend of Supporting Local Business

I’m not much of a shopper but this Remembrance Day weekend, I treated myself to a few things, all made locally.  Patch and I have been saving for a home, but at the prices that even cardboard boxes are going for in this market, it’s like there is no end to this housing tunnel, so why not spend for some instant gratification!

I took the day off to work on an upcoming craft show and got distracted but a sample sale event posted by Two of Hearts on Facebook.  Booted down hoping to find some work clothes and that I did! Love the fact that it’s locally designed and made and that day one of the designers Tab was there.  She explained how sample sales work and that it’s one size only which is great.  There weren’t a lot of people in the store so I got to try out a whole bunch of stuff.  I ended up leaving with 5 pieces.  Not shabby for someone who shops for clothes a few times a year with a small budget.   Even with a small budget, I’d rather pay more for quality clothing than cheap clothing made by mexikids. Most of their stuff is super soft and some are made from bamboo rayon.  Although the process to create bamboo rayon is not all that environmentally friendly.

Left to Right – 2 supersoft tops with butterfly print and these wingy like cap sleeves, black skirt with flower print, blue top that looks like a tunic on me and their everyday dress which is appropriately called the ‘Everyday’ dress.  I was hoping to get another top and the red version of the everyday dress but by the time I paid for the initial items, there was a long wait for the change room so I left.

I also got these earrings from a local designer at the Make It! craft fair.  Jennifer Conway‘s can also be found at Two of Hearts.  She takes these beautiful photos and turns them into earrings, glass necklaces, etc.  She also makes jewelry out of scrabble tiles.  I think I got a few pieces at Granville Island before, could be her stuff.

Also, from the craft fair – handmade chocolates.  These are La Chocolaterie, the artist behind this is a Japanese man who sort of reminds me of Ken Watanabe.  He gave me many samples to try and I thought it was cute how he had all the chocolates in a mini cooler.  I ended up getting matcha (could use more green tea), lemon basil (sooo good) and mango.  I wanted to try earl grey but didn’t want to keep sampling.  Wish I did though because I’m still thinking about it. 😛

I also bought some chai tea from Trudy Ann.  I love chai but not the supersweet liquid mixes.  I wanted one with actual spice mix and I finally found one.  Trudy Ann (if that’s her name, the creator) was a lady who reminds me of my nice aunt (yea, I know she’s east indian and I’m not) showed me how to brew the tea properly.  Takes some work but it’s so worth it.

Then I picked up some treats from The Pie Hole.  Love the name, makes me giggle every time I say it especially when I brought the Apple Jack pie back to Patch.  “I got you something from the pie hole.” 😀 Nice homemade pie, hope to see them at the winter farmer’s market.

And that concludes my weekend of supporting local businesses.  Wish I had more money to support (and buy) more!


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