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Boxing Day Adventure

The last time I went real Boxing Day shopping was over 5 years ago and by real, I mean waking up when it’s still dark outside and going to the mall.  I hate going to the mall, I seriously do because if I go out, it’s usually with my baby boy and the mall isn’t exactly packed with considerate people.

Since the hubby told me to go hang out with my friend (who goes every year), I managed to wake up at 6:30am  and meet her shortly before 8am and line up at Lululemon.  I’m not a Lululemming but since I stood in line with her for 20 minutes, I felt like I had to try on some stuff to make my time worthwhile.  Nope, not my style.  I don’t do yoga anyway.  Oh wait, neither does the people who wear Lululemons 2 sizes too small.

I ended up getting a jacket from Bench for less than $100 taxes in.  Which was surprisingly because it’s not too expensive and I found something that I actually like in there that doesn’t have the obnoxious blaring logo.

Military green was the only colour left and since it was medium insulation which is wearable during the fall and winter months, I chose functionality over fashion.  When I got home and modeled my purchase to the hubby, he said ‘Are you part of Occupy Vancouver now?’  Yeah, if only I don’t have a job to go to and have time to set cans on fire and kicking over food trucks in downtown.

I could’ve picked up more finds if the line up to the cashier wasn’t insanely long at Bath & Body Works and Aeropostale.

I did manage to score something from one of my favourite stores, Roots but it was an online buy.  This super comfy (which I’m wearing right now) jacket for 50 clams!

What were your boxing day finds?


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