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Grade A Service is Like a Real Pony

On occasion, I will read up on local blogs.  Usually these bloggers have a decent size of followers that reads their stuff because they are either interesting or they specialize on certain topics that are of interest to these readers like food or fashion.

One thing I’ve noticed from these bloggers is that they would get perks from local companies like hotels, or free swag sent to them which they would post it online for us readers to see.  It is pretty smart for some companies to send free swag so that the blogger can review it and entice us readers but sometimes the blogger would get pampered to a point where we know the companies would never do that to us regular folks

One of the hotels in Whistler that my husband and I are regulars for our get-aways have been pampering a blogger that I’ve been following.  But she’s not reviewing their services and in the rare instance that she mentions them, it’s positive because you don’t bite the hand that feeds you freebies.

So it made me feel pretty unimportant.  We’ve been getting decent service from the front desk but from the photos that was shown, it shows that the hotel is capable of providing spectacular service.  I’m not looking for freebies but I do feel slighted when grade A customer service is given to a blogger but not everyone else.

It’s like the Ally commercial where the guys gives a plastic pony to the little girl with a big forehead and a real pony is given to the little blonde girl.


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