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What Happened to Real Chefs on the Food Network?

I used to watch the FoodNetwork 24/7.  Then it became a background channel and eventually, I stopped tuning into the channel.  I tried to go back occasionally but when I see what’s on, I end up switching to something else.  It became a channel of reality shows, or shows made for reality show winners.  What happened to real chefs?  Like Emeril, Bobby Flay (ugh, but still he knows his stuff), I-Can-Eat-A-Whole-Cow Nigela Lawson, and my favourite crazy eyes chefs – Michael Smith and Laura Calder.

I just checked the line for the next 12 hours and this is the crap that’s on – Cupcake Wars (women bitching about other women), Dinner Party Wars, The Next Iron Chef, Top Chef – Just Dessert, Worst Cooks in America and Chopped.

Food Network, stop serving us crap!


One comment on “What Happened to Real Chefs on the Food Network?

  1. jw
    February 12, 2014

    what has happened to the food network channel?…it’s nothing but “Guy” and diners,dives and sloppy sandwiches? where are the chefs? mario batali, emeril lagasse? martha stewart? this is not a food network channel anymore it’s a junk food network channel

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