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Tasting Beer Without Actually Drinking Beer (plus The Best Tasting Clams Recipe)

Since I am breastfeeding my daughter, it will be awhile before I can freely drink beer and wine.  It was actually quite painful to quit those while I was pregnant … Continue reading

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Coconut Soup to Prolong Your Milk Supply

During the time that my daughter was in NICU, I wasn’t able to breastfeed – only pumping and tube feeding her.  After 2 months or so, my milk supply has … Continue reading

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The Scary, Dirty Secret to Making Fragrant Rice

A lot of friends ask me where I get my rice because it’s fragrant.  What is the brand?  What do I add to it?  Is it the chicken stock (well, … Continue reading

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Hello – I’ve started a Facebook Page for my posts and it needs some lovin’! Please pay a visit and let me know what you think. 🙂 MY FACEBOOK PAGE … Continue reading

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The Hubs Edition #16 – Short Cut to Short Beans

Ask my husband to cut off the ends of 6 inch long beans, he will put the beans together and cut off all the ends to save time and we … Continue reading

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What’s In My Hospital Bag?

I have gotten a lot of advice from my pregnancy class and friends about what to bring to the hospital when I had my first born.  Had I listened to … Continue reading

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You Know You’re a Chinese Hoarder When…

You know you’re a Chinese hoarder when you have enough red envelopes to hand out for the next 5 years and you still go bug banks for envelopes when you … Continue reading

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Preparing Fresh Oysters with White Wine

I used to love eating raw and cooked oysters but now I don’t really have the taste for it.  Sometimes I wonder if it’s old age or my stomach just … Continue reading

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Pork Bung Glove

Was cleaning pig intestine’s for hot pot and realized how it fits my hand nicely. Keeps it cool during the summer and its natural oils kept my hand moisturized. 😛 … Continue reading

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The Hubs Edition #15 – Where’s the Remote?

I asked the hubs where the remote is because he was the last person to use it.  Without looking up from his laptop, he said no. So I looked everywhere … Continue reading

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The Hubs Edition #14- He Wears Blinders

Patch must be wearing invisible blinders on at all times.  How else would you explain the fact that when he washes dishes, he only washes only what’s directly under the … Continue reading

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Pork Blood and Bean Sprouts Soup – Super Easy!

I love making soups with pork blood. You either love it or hate it.  If you love it, good for you because it’s not hard to make pig’s blood. You … Continue reading

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The Hubs Edition #13 – He Wins This Time

After years of emptying the bread crusties in the toaster by turning it over the sink and whacking did I realize that there’s a removable crumb tray at the bottom … Continue reading

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The Hubs Edition #12 – Payback Time

The hubs replaced our shower curtain with this one. It’s nice on the packaging and my son likes counting the little windows… Until you walk in in the middle of … Continue reading

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Snow Pears & Pork Bone(less) Soup

I like making simple soup.  Soups that I can throw together with a few ingredients.  Tonight on the simple soup menu, we have Snow pears and pork bone soup.  Except … Continue reading

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Happy New Year & A Change of Direction in My Blog

It’s been a few months and my little girl is discharged from NICU and home with us.  It’s been a long tireless journey but we are also grateful that she … Continue reading

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Strollers Driven By Inconsiderate Parents

Strollers do not belong in stores. They belong on the sidewalk, in a park, or even a mall.  But not in a store.  Blocking traffic.  While the mom is distracted … Continue reading

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The Hubs Edition #11- Amazing Race

Patch and I can work together on most things, ok, just one thing – putting together IKEA furniture.  I read the manual and he puts it together. Actually, one time … Continue reading

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Pancetta is the New Bacon (and a Way of Getting Kids to Eat Brussel Sprouts)

This is what happens when you tell Patch ‘I don’t want bacon on everything‘.  Instead, he uses panchetta.  That’s his new bacon. Bacon is the answer to all of his … Continue reading

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Pork Bung Midnight Snack

In a previous post, I introduced pork bung.  As a artery clogging, highway to cholesterol food, it still manages to make its way to my tummy on a regular basis. … Continue reading

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Please like my Facebook page (for my efforts haha)

I’ve created a new page for Facebook that has my some of my postings on it. Here’s my attempt at trying to be an internet whore. It may or … Continue reading

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You Know You’re Chinese When…

You know you’re Chinese when you or your parents acquire more calendars than you have room for it.  You go and make the minimum purchase require at supermarkets that gives … Continue reading

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Parenting Philosophy #7 – The Real Costs of Kids

Kids are expensive. Scratch that. Daughters are expensive. True dat. … unless your son asks you to help with his child support.

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The Hubs Edition #10 – Flying Toenails, Hidden Toes

Somehow Patch thinks that putting a letter size paper under his foot would catch all his toenails.  Because you know, every clip is followed by toenails falling down obediently onto … Continue reading

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Parenting Philosophy #6 – Turning Him into a Vegetarian

My son: mmm… I like chicken. Patch: That’s not chicken, it’s duck. My son: mmm… I like duck. Mommy that’s going to mommy hell: That’s Pato.  You are eating Pato. … Continue reading

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How Not to Butcher a Chicken

After having my parents take care of butchering my chickens for a few months, it’s time that I should learn to do it myself.  No one was around to teach … Continue reading

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A Very Coconut-y Tom Yum Soup (Vegetarian, Chicken or Shrimp)

I love soup and I love coconut milk so tom yum soup is one of my favourite soups.  Some versions may not have coconut milk and it’s a more watery … Continue reading

November 23, 2013 · 2 Comments

Pig’s Blood and Kidney Soup

Since my previous post about cleaning and preparing pig’s kidneys, I’ve made a simple soup that is highly nutritious (as unappetizing the ingredients are!).  With the bone chilling cold change … Continue reading

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Isn’t That Refreshing to Hear?

Flipping thru the channels and then you hear “…when you were asked whether you had any sexual contact with anyone else other than your wife and you said no. The … Continue reading

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Japchae Inspired Potato Noodles Dish

I love eating Japchae but I know that it’s not that easy to make.  Japchae is made with sweet potato noodles, also known as glass noodles.  The texture is chewy … Continue reading

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Marinaded Mushrooms Appetizer/Snack

This recipe is inspired by Chatelaine and I’ve been meaning to make it but was waiting until I got a mason jar.   I don’t really understand the importance of a … Continue reading

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Winter Melon and Duck Egg Pork Broth Soup

Here is another one of my quickie Chinese soups.  When it comes to chinese soups, flavours are not developed from its ingredients (well, ingredients take part) but how long we … Continue reading

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Sephora’s Recent Haul – Reviews Coming Soon

Since having 2 kids, my skin has been dull and lame.  I’m lucky enough to not have breakouts often but not lucky to a point to have naturally glowing skin. … Continue reading

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The Hubs Edition #9 – Subtle Murder

Patch has been ‘seasoning’ his cast iron pan for the past week.  He couldn’t pick a better time to do it other than at night with all the windows closed … Continue reading

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Stir Fry Daikon (Radish) and King Oyster Mushroom

I love the taste and texture of daikon (radish) whether it’s shredded raw as a sushi bed, in soups, or pickled (found in banh mi or vietnamese subs or in … Continue reading

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Stir Fried Shrimps with Green Peas and Celery

This is a chinese stir fry that is quite a versatile dish since you can add other vegetables to suit your taste.  It’s usually the same rule for most stir … Continue reading

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Dried Scallops (Conpoy) and Spinach Dish

My mom occasionally makes one of my favourite dishes from time to time.  It’s a bit labour intensive and the fact that dried scallops are not cheap are reasons why … Continue reading

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